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Crossover Universe TheoriesEdit

CU Alien CreaturesEdit

The Crossover Universe has many known alien species inhabiting its cosmos, but some seem quite similar to others. While iffy, these alien races could possibly share some connections or might even be one-and-the-same.

CU Fictional CountriesEdit

CU Fictional Island NationsEdit

CU Fictional IslandsEdit

CU Unnnamed IslandsEdit

CU AtlantisEdit

These are all the connections to the legend of Atlantis I was able to find in the CU.

  • Atlantida - The titular ruined city is a remnant of a post-flood Atlantean colony.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire - The remnant of Atlantis' survival was the result of the Heart crystal shielding the city.
  • Bothon
  • The Fall of Atlantis - In the days before Atlantis sank, the opposing orders of magicians, the honorable Priests of the White Robe and the wicked Black Robes, had a hand in its eventual downfall.
  • They Found Atlantis
  • The Magician’s Nephew - Andrew Ketterly was given an Atlantean box by his godmother, who might've been descended of the Fae.
  • Cthulhu Mythos - Klarkash-Ton was an Atlantean priest of Tsathoggua. The Shining Trapezohedron was kept at Atlantis when it sank.
  • The Illuminatus! Trilogy - Atlantis is supposedly the birthplace of The Illuminati.
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - This Atlantis is really a colony made by descendants who created orichalcum orbs to power a machine that would turn them into gods to prevent the flooding from continuing.
  • King of the World - Jimgrim battles Dorje, who has discovered the scientific secrets of Atlantis and is using them in an attempt to conquer the world.
  • The Judex Codex - Atlantis is conflated with Numenor.
  • Kull - Kull is one of the former Atlantean warlords who escaped the flooding.
  • Lensman - The Arisians provided the people of Atlantis with Lenses and advanced technology. The Atlantians had developed jet aircraft and nuclear weapons, the latter of which lead to its demise. Influenced by malevolent alien forces intending to nuke humanity, the flood was the result of the missile being knocked off-course by a heroic Atlantean and hitting a faultline.
  • The Lord of the Rings - Numenor is implied to be the original name for Atlantis. The island was flooded when the city was corrupted by the being who would later be known as Sauron; the flood was the result of the Undying Lands being removed from the Earth.
  • The Maracot Deep
  • Lost Treasure of Atlantis
  • The Ship from Atlantis
  • Namor - Namor is the hybrid offspring of Queen Fen, the ruler of one of Atlantis' surviving underwater colonies.
  • The Amulet - The children time-travel to Atlantis just as the flood hits.
  • The Space Trilogy - Merlin is descended from the magicians of Numenor (a.k.a. Atlantis).
  • Skull-Face - Kathulos is an Atlantean necromancer and magician.
  • Sun Koh - Sun Koh is a former prince of Atlantis and a survivor of the flood. According to him, Atlantis is destined to rise once again.
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Captain Nemo knows the location of the sunken Atlantis' ruins.

Those that were believed to have been of Atlantean origin but were since disproven are listed here.

CU FairylandEdit

The elves and other fairy creatures of the CU are shown to inhabit an otherworldly realm or dimension parallel to Earth's. These are the known locations and names it goes by.

Possible linksEdit

CU Solar SystemsEdit

These are the known facts about alien solar systems in all confirmed sources. Some may strictly apply to alternate universes, but since they still have some presence in the CU they could easily have counterparts.


  • The Lord of the Rings - The star Borgil is believed to be Aldebaran.
  • The King in Yellow - The god Hastur inhabits the shores of Lake Hali overlooking the ruins of Carcosa, on a planet orbiting the dark binary star near Aldebaran.
    • A Song of Ice and Fire - The land of Essos has a city called Carcosa neighboring a misty lake, ruled by a sorcerer lord of a thousand-year fallen dynasty known as the "yellow emperor".
    • Lord of the Isles - Carcosa is the name of the ancient capital of the old kingdom, which collapsed a thousand years before the events of the series.
    • The Lords of Dûs - A character known as the Forgotten King, who dresses in yellow rags, reveals that he was exiled from Carcosa.
  • Lensman - Aldebaran I is inhabited by the Wheelmen / Aldebaran II is a future human-colonized planet.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Aldebaran system is noted for its fine wines, liqueurs, and girls.
  • Star Trek - Aldebaran shellmouth are an indigenous molluskoid creature native to one of the planets of the Aldebaran system
  • Star Trek: TNG - The Aldebaran system has a serpentine lifeform with three semi-transparent heads extending from a brilliantly glowing sphere hovering above the ground, surrounded by lights / Aldebaran whiskey is a green alcoholic drink.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Aldebaran mud leeches are used as a medical treatment.
  • Doctor Who - Aldebaran brandy is featured.

Alpha CentauriEdit

  • Star Trek - The 7th planet in the system was the homeworld of a group of Humans decedents of ancient Greeks, called Centaurians / Behemoth is a gas giant and the second planet orbiting Alpha Centauri A.
  • Star Trek: TOS - Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of the Warp Drive, lived in the Alpha Centauri system for some years before disappearing in 2119.
  • Star Trek: DS9 - Romulans inhabited the Alpha Centauri system before humanity colonized it.
  • Marvel Universe - Beta Centauri 4 is the home system of the Centaurians (Yondu’s species)
  • Doctor Who - Alpha Centauri is home to a race of six-armed chameleon caterpillars. Timid and prone to panic, they are still loyal and dutiful members of the Galactic Federation.
  • Avatar - Pandora is a lush habitable moon of the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri A system.
  • Transformers - Cybertron is generally located in the Alpha Centauri system.


  • Forbidden Planet - Altair 4 is the site of an ill-fated human colony and the extinct race of advanced natives, the Krell.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The most common form of currency in the Milky Way galaxy is the native Altairian dollar
  • The Tommyknockers - Altair 4 is a desolate, nearly airless world serving as a cosmic storeroom for objects from all other the galaxy.
  • Star Trek - Altair 4 has been ruthlessly attacked by the Romulans twice.
  • Star Trek III - Altair Water is a form of poison.
  • Star Trek: TNG - Altair 3 is stated to be pretty dangerous.
  • Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure - Altair 3 is featured.
  • Stargate SG-1 - The natives Alterians fled underground to escape the deadly radiation and transferred their minds into android duplicates to survive; they all died out.


  • Predator - The Yautja are believed to have originates somewhere near the Arcturus system.


  • Cthulhu Mythos - Betelgeuse is home to the benign Elder Gods.
  • Dune - Kuentsing 5 is often called ‘Bela Tegeuse’, a corruption of the name Betelgeuse.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Betelgeuse 5 is the home planet of the Galactic President, Zaphod Beeblebrox / Betelgeuse 7 is the former homeworld of the Praxibetel till the Great Collapsing Hrung Disaster struck / New Betel is a location in the Betelgeuse system.


  • Star Trek - There are two M-class planets in the Alpha Quadrant sharing the name of Deneb IV.
  • Star Trek: TOS - The capital punishment for fraud on Deneb V is death by the condemned’s own choosing / Denebian Slime Devils
  • Star Trek: TNG - The Farpoint Station orbits around Deneb IV; the native Bandi are a humanoid race of telepaths with simplistic lifestyles.
  • Blake's 7 - Cygnus Alpha is a prison planet.
  • Marvel Universe - Zenn-La (Deneb III) is the constantly recreated homeworld of the Zenn-Lavians and the Silver Surfer.

Epsilon EridaniEdit

  • Star Trek - The Vulcan System is heavily implied to be the Epsilon Eridani system (or possibly near it).



  • Mary Poppins - Maia is a personified star from the Pleiades cluster.

Rigel (Beta Orionis)Edit

  • Lensman - Rigel 4 is a hot, high-gravity world inhabited by humanoid Rigelians, one of four races that have been chosen by the Arisians to be part of their godlike warrior program.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The Orion Beta system is implied to be located in the Rigel system; the system is known for its madranite mining belts.
  • Star Trek - Rigel is a system of 12 planets and home to the reptilian turtle-like Rigellians and the multi-gendered humanoid Regelians (one ‘l’) that are distantly related to the Vulcan/Romulans.
  • Star Trek: TOS - The Kalar warriors inhabit Rigel 7; Rigel 12 is a stormy desert world; Rigel 2 is a resort planet; the Rejac entity is known as “Betatis” on Rigel 4.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Rigel 11 is an ice planet and is the location of the Rigel Colony trade complex housing numerous sentient species and various insects.
  • Thor - The Rigellians (possibly ‘Rigelian’) are a technologically-advanced race that originates from Rigel 3 that intends to establish an interplanetary empire through remorseless colonization.


  • Silmarillion - Siris was once called Helluin by the Elves.
  • True History - The Solarites (people of the sun) enlist the help of the doglike alien Sirians who fly on “winged acorns” in their galactic battle against the Lunarians.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - The home system of the inept Siris Cybernetics Corporation.
  • Star Trek: TOS - Affection-inducing Love Crystals are commonplace on Siris 9.
  • Doctor Who - Siris 4 is the site of a semi-self-governing Earth colony / the colonized planets of Androzani Major and Androzani Minor are in the Siris system; is also the location of the Siris Conglomerate corporation that oversees the mining of spectrox, a drug produced from cave-dwelling bats that expands normal human lifespans.

Tau CetiEdit

  • Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan - Tau Ceti IV is the location of the spaceport Amber.
  • Star Trek: TNG - Tau Ceti III is the location of an exotic bar.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - The Vulcans and Andorians signed the Tau Ceti Accord treaty in 2151 to forbid Andorian military on the Vulcan-allied planet of Coridan (which may be in the Tau Ceti system).
  • Doctor Who - Tau Ceti is the home system of both the warlike arachnid Xaranti and the stone-like Ogri of the planet Ogros.


  • Star Trek: TOS - Vega 9 is home to a human colony.
  • Green Lantern - Green Lantern Corps does not have jurisdiction in the Vega system due to a treaty between the Guardians and Agent Orange, till it is lifted by a new law.

A list of potential crossover connections I found that could be placed in the CU, but might be just a tad bit too goofy in tone to really tell with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, I figured I chart them down here.

Gravity FallsEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
2011 - Headhunters 2012 TV episode Sherlock Holmes
2011 - Fight Fighters 2012 TV episode Tron
2011 - The Golf War 2014 TV episode Gulliver's Travels
2011 - Little Gift Shop of Horrors 2014 TV episode The Lord of the Rings
2011 - Northwest Mansion Mystery 2015 TV episode Casper
A Nightmare on Elm Street
2011 - Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future 2016 TV episode The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2011 - Weirdmageddon Part 1 2016 TV episode Cthulhu Mythos
2011 - Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls 2016 TV episode Flatland
2012 - Gravity Falls: Journal 3 2016 guidebook Casper
The Hellbound Heart
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Cthulhu Mythos
Rick & Morty
  • Sherlock Holmes appears among the historic wax figures on display.
  • Soos plays a thinly-disguised version of Tron.
  • A colony of Lilliputians inhabits the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt in secret.
  • A Palantír showing the Eye of Sauron is among the artifacts of the Mystery Shack.
  • Ghosts resembling Casper and Freddy Kruger respectively are described in Dipper's journal. The hosts of Ghost Harassers wear proton packs and Ghostbuster uniforms.
  • A probability drive engine is mentioned in alien text.
  • A creature resembling Cthulhu is seen lumbering around the town during Weirdmageddon.
  • Bill Cypher is shown to have originated from Flatland.

American League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - 1980sEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1987 - League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1980s 2010 April Fools Prank The Six Million Dollar Man
Back to the Future
The A-Team
Big Trouble in Little China
Weird Science
The Karate Kid
The Lost Boys
Smokey and the Bandit
Charlie's Angels


Story Publication Crossovers
1936 (?) - Popeye Meets the Man Who Hated Laughter 1972 TV special Popeye
Beetle Bailey
Bringing Up Father
The Katzenjammer Kids
Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
Hi Lois
Little Iodine
The Little King
Flash Gordon
Mandrake the Magician
The Phantom
Steve Canyon
Tim Tyler's Luck
Prince Valiant
1971 - The Fantastic Feats Of Captain Strong! Action Comics #421, Febuary 1973 Superman

The Brady KidsEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1971 - Cindy's Super Friend 1972 TV episode Superman
1971 - It's All Greek to Me 1972 TV episode Wonder Woman


Story Publication Crossovers
1960s - Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1-6, October 2017-March 2018 Batman
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
1960s(?) - Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica #1-4, May 2019 Red Sonja

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1983 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1, May 1984 Daredevil
1986 - Turtle Soup and Rabbit Stew Turtle Soup #1, September 1987 Usagi Yojimbo
1986 - Team Up with Cerebus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8, July 1986 Cerebus
1986 - Quest for Lost Dreams Quest for Lost Dreams #1, 1987 Silent Invasion
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The Maltese Falcon
Reacto Man
The Time Machine
Tales from the Aniverse
Pied Piper
Phantom Detective
The Shadow
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
King Arthur
1988 - A Christmas Carol Michaelangelo Christmas Special #1, December 1990 A Christmas Carol
1988 - Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2019 film Batman
1991 - The Hall of Lost Legends Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #43, January 1992 Beowulf
Cthulhu Mythos

G.I. Joe: A Real American HeroEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
c. 1980s - Street Fighter X G.I. Joe 2016 comic book miniseries Street Fighter


Story Publication Crossovers
1993 - Toy Story 1995 film Home Improvement
2016 - Ralph Breaks the Internet 2017 film Tron
  • Buzz Lightyear pushes a Binford Tools toolbox off of Woody's crate.
  • A Tron arcade cabinet is featured inside Litwik's Arcade.

Doctor WhoEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
Year unknown - Party Animals Doctor Who Magazine #173, May 1991 Captain Britain
The Simpsons
Sapphire & Steel
Star Trek
Axel Pressbutton
Silver Surfer
Fantastic Four
Star Wars
The Avengers
Conan the Barbarian
Captain Scarlet

Truth Justin and the American WayEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
c. 1980s - Truth Justin and the American Way Truth Justin and the American Way #1-5, 2006 Diff'rent Strokes
The Dukes of Hazzard
The Jeffersons
Sanford and Son
Major Dad
Happy Days
The Love Boat
Murder, She Wrote
Falcon Crest
T.J. Hooker
Three's Company
Space: 1999
Starsky & Hutch
All in the Family
Magnum, P.I.
Family Ties
The Cosby Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Father Dowling Mysteries
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Back to the Future

Breaking BadEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
2011? - Pinkman Selling Meth to Creed 2011 Emmy Awards skit The Office


Story Publication Crossovers
 ??? - Chuck vs Hellboy II 2008 advertisement Chuck

The Legend of Black HeavenEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1997 - Ten Years Ago 1999 TV episode The X-Files

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't ChristmasEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1987 - The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas Psychopomp 2012 Christmas Special Spies Like Us
Cthulhu Mythos
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Nightmare Before Christmas

Kid EternityEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
c. 1945 - Kid Eternity comic book series, 1946-1949 William Tell
King Arthur
Robin Hood
Tom Thumb
The Odyssey
The Three Musketeers
Les Misérables
Scarlet Pimpernel
Sherlock Holmes
Leatherstocking Tales
Treasure Island
Robinson Crusoe
The Thief of Bagdad
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Don Quixote
The Swiss Family Robinson
Deadwood Dick
Tom Hickathrift
Romeo and Juliet
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Gulliver's Travels
Jamaica Inn
Oliver Twist
The Sea-Wolf
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
Pied Piper
Hit Comics #26 Blackhawk
Hit Comics #32 Plastic Man
Hit Comics #55 Zorro

Barlowe's Guide to ExtraterrestrialsEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
year unknown - Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials 1979 guidebook Cycle of Fire
The Word for World Is Forest
The Black Cloud
Masters of the Maze
Sector General
Conscience Interplanetary
The Jupiter Theft
A Little Knowledge
Well World
A Plague of Demons
Cage a Man
The Right Hand of Dextra
Planet of Adventure
Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers
Fire Time
Time Quintet
The Voyage of the Space Beagle
A Case of Conscience
The Tripods
The Legion of Space
Dominic Flandry
Mission of Gravity
Strange Relations
A Tale of Two Clocks
Cthulhu Mythos
Childhood's End
Known Space
Memoirs of a Spacewoman
The Faded Sun Trilogy
The Alien Way
Wildeblood's Empire
The Age of the Pussyfoot
Kirlian Quest
The Gods Themselves
Downward to the Earth
Who Goes There?
Humanx Commonwealth
Rule Golden
Up the Walls of the World
Have Space Suit—Will Travel
  • The alien entries within are described from an in-universe perspective as if they all shared a world.

These are the officially licensed crossovers that, unfortunately, never got made. But for the purposes of completion, I like to still consider them headcanon anyhow.

Star Trek/AlienEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
 ??? - Star Trek: The Next Generation/Aliens: Acceptable Losses 2016 cancelled comic book series Alien

Star Trek/Doctor Who sequelEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
2373 - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Doctor Who: Domination 2013 cancelled comic book series Doctor Who


Story Publication Crossovers
1982 - Ghostbusters 1984 film Caddyshack

The League of Extraordinary GentlemenEdit

It's come to my attention that most of my efforts in expanding the Crossover Universe have been dismissed due to creative differences with the heads "running" the fictitious world. Despite my efforts in making sure these sources matched the regulations they've established for it, they seem opposed due to some minor aspects that they can't overlook (despite them doing the exact same with others). Rather than try and fight them, I instead opted to preserve them here as part of my letter of resignation. It's been fun working on this project, but I guess all paths must split at some point. - LogiTeeka, 7/15/20

Story Publication Crossovers
1695 - Prospero's Men League of Extraordinary Gentlemen IV: Tempest - The Tempest Information, September 12, 2018 The Tempest
The Floating Island
The Pilgrim's Progress
Don Quixote
Forever Amber
Orlando: A Biography
The Blazing World
1683-1802 - The New Adventures of Fanny Hill - Or the Further Memoires of a Woman in Pleasure The Black Dossier, November 14, 2007 Fanny Hill
Forever Amber
Moll Flanders
Treasure Island
Gulliver's Travels
Doctor Syn
Under the Hill
Leatherstocking Tales
Scarlet Pimpernel
Gargantua and Pantagruel
Land Under England
The Coming Race
The Land of Cockaigne
Orlando: A Biography
Les Aventures du Roi Pausole
1898 - Shadows in the Steam - The Genesis of the Mark 1 Murray Group from Memoirs of an English Intelligencer The Black Dossier, November 14, 2007 Dracula
Sherlock Holmes
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
James Bond
Captain Mors
The Horla
Riallaro, the Archipelago of Exiles
Broad Arrow Jack
Captain Kettle
Mr. Meeson's Will
1912 - The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Les Hommes Mysterieux The Black Dossier, November 14, 2007 Allan Quatermain
Orlando: A Biography
Arsène Lupin
Sexton Blake
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Doctor Mabuse
Palace Without Chairs
The Phantom of the Opera
Son Tramway
Fattypuffs and Thinifers
King Arthur
1912 - Les Hommes Mysterieux League of Extraordinary Gentlemen IV: Tempest - If Fictions Fare Not True, January 2019 Elric
Orlando: A Biography
Allan Quatermain
Sexton Blake
1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter One: The British Isles League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #1, September 2002 The Tempest
The Pilgrim's Progress
The Blazing World
The Hunting of the Snark
Leatherstocking Tales
Doctor Syn
Scarlet Pimpernel
The Water Babies
King Arthur
National Evils and Practical Remedies
The Child of the Phalanstery
My Heart's In the Highlands
Sherlock Holmes
Crotchet Castle
The Enchanted Castle
The Bastables
Psammead Trilogy
The Wish House
Cold Comfort Farm
Cthulhu Mythos
The Mabinogion
Under Milk Wood
The Floating Island
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Under the Garden
The Child of the Cavern
The Coming Race
Land Under England
Nightmare Abby
Brisingamen Trilogy
The Lair of the White Worm
The Chronicles of Narnia
The Crock of Gold
The Chronicles of Prydain
The Selfish Giant
Leixlip Castle
Cockles and Mussels
The Siege of the Red House
The Third Policeman
The House on the Borderland
A Crystal Age
The Story of the Glittering Plain
1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Two: Europe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #2, October 2002 Doctor Dolittle
Tales of the Alhambra
True History
The Courtship of Yonghy-Bonghy-Bò
The Tempest
Gargantua and Pantagruel
King Arthur
The Iliad
Gestures and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician
Rélation de L'Isle Imaginaire
Don Quixote
Autumn in Peking
Orlando Furioso
Death and the Compass
Lettres d'Auspasie
The Invisible Man
The Adventures of King Pausole
The Indiscreet Jewels
Die gefesselte Phantasie
Jacques the Fatalist
Letters from My Windmill
Manuel of Poictesme
The Blue Mammoth
Fattypuffs and Thinifers
Les Visiteurs du soir
The Undersea Tunnel
The Water Babies
The Enigma of the Redoubtable
Robinson Crusoe
Penguin Island
Lettre des îles Baladar
The City of Sleep
Conan the Barbarian
Le Pornographe
Le Pays où l'on n'arrive jamais
The Phantom of the Opera
Les Misérables
Son Tramway
Les Sept Solitudes
Locus Solus
Grains et Issues
The Suicide Club
Arsène Lupin
Doctor Omega
Dr. Ox's Experiment
La Ville des Expiations
Beauty and the Beast
The Lost Princess
Puss in Boots
Gulliver's Travels
The Birds
Natural History
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
The Castle of Otranto
Invisible Cities
Aucassin and Nicolette
The Adventures of Pinochio
The Island of the Day Before
The Name of the Rose
The Mysteries of Udolpho
Das Goldmacherdorf
Der Alpenkönig und der Menschenfeind
Grand Fenwick
The Golden Pot
The Chronicles of Narnia
Der Runenberg
Petsetilla's Posy
The Masque of the Red Death
The 120 Days of Sodom
The Land of Cockaigne
Hansel and Gretel
Simplicius Simplicissimus
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
The Devil in the Belfry
The Little Mermaid
Journey to the Center of the Earth
The Flying Dutchman
Peer Gynt
Niels Klim's Underground Travels
The Snow Queen
Million Dollar Legs
Ubu Roi
The Happy Prince
The Prisoner of Zenda
The Mad King
Marx Brothers
Vampire City
The Castle of the Carpathians
The City of Dreadful Night
Count Yorga
Elisabeth Bathory
Palace Without Chairs
1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Three: The Americas League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #3, November 2002 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Yellow Submarine
Riallaro, the Archipelago of Exiles
Gulliver's Travels
A Discovery of the Island Frivola
Mount Analogue
The Coral Island
Captain Slaughterboard Drops Anchor
Doctor Syn
Captain Blood
Treasure Island
Captain Pugwash
Peter Pan
When the World Shook
Psammead Trilogy
South Pacific
H.M.S. Pinafore
Utopia Limited
Cthulhu Mythos
The Island of Doctor Moreau
The Survivors of the "Jonathan"
Mr. Blettsworthy on Rampole Island
The Voyages, Travels, and Wonderful Discoveries of Captain John Holmesby
The Commonwealth of Oceana
Gargantua and Pantagruel
Doctor Dolittle
Robinson Crusoe
The Most Dangerous Game
A Voyage to Cacklogallinia
The Tempest
La niña rosa
The Discovery of Guiana
James Bond
The Country of the Blind
A New Voyage Round the World
The Green Child
Invisible Cities
The City of Frozen Fire
Briefing for a Descent into Hell
Works of A. Merritt
Green Mansions
Professor Challenger
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Doctor Who
The Undersea Tunnel
True History
The Female American
The Floating Island
Orlando Innamorato
Orlando: A Biography
The Hermit
The Island of Captain Sparrow
Orphan Island
The Mysterious North
The Valley of the Beasts
A Haunted Island
Myths and Legends of Our Own Land
Rootabaga Stories
Thinking Machine
Twin Peaks
Raggedy Ann
The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek
Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
The Begum's Fortune
The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet
The Twenty-One Balloons
In Watermelon Sugar
The Big Lebowski
Boy Fortune Hunters
Yoknapatawpha County
The Phantom Empire
The Goddess of Atvatabar
Duemila leghe sotto l'America
Silver John
Li'l Abner
The Monster of Lake LaMetrie
Ruggles of Red Gap
Lone Ranger
Green Hornet
The Town Where No One Got Off
Crotchet Castle
Frank Reade
Jack Wright
The Hardy Boys
The Cream of the Jest
House of Leaves
The Domain of Arnheim
The Fall of the House of Usher
Gone-Away Lake
Freddy the Pig
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Rip Van Winkle
The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg
The Stepford Wives
A Crystal Age
Hell House
Works of Stephen King
The Witches of Eastwick
The Hall Family Chronicles
Tales of Magic
The Haunting of Hill House
The Lottery
Walled Towns
The Cat in the Hat
1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Four: Africa and the Middle East League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #4, December 2002 The Child of the Phalanstery
Orlando: A Biography
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
Cthulhu Mythos
Amadís de Gaula
Los nombres del aire
Natural History
Doctor Dolittle
John Mandeville
Le Théâtre des passions et de la fortune
The Voyages, Travels, and Wonderful Discoveries of Captain John Holmesby
True History
My Father's Dragon
Baron Munchausen
Mémoires de Sir George Wollap
Voyages and Adventures of Jacques Massé
Aepyornis Island
King Kong
Hannah Hewitt
Arabian Nights
Lord of the Flies
Works of Evelyn Waugh
Wolf of Kabul
Ardistan und Dschinnistan
The Opposing Shore
William Ashbless
The Flying Legion
Legende del Mare
Silence: A Fable
Orlando Furioso
The Adventures of Saturnin Farandoul
South Wind
Allan Quatermain
The Immortal
The Footstool of the Moon
The Wandering Jew
Professor Challenger
Naked Lunch
A Description of the Famous Kingdome of Macaria
Brodie's Report
Gulliver's Travels
The Barsac Mission
The Owl and the Pussy Cat
Aline and Valcour
The 120 Days of Sodom
The Viceroy of Ouidah
The Palm-Wine Drinkard
Babar the Elephant
Heart of Darkness
1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Five: Asia League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #5, January 2003 War in the Air
The First Men in the Moon
Sherlock Holmes
The Hunting of the Snark
The Third Policeman
The Southern Land, Known
Propeller Island
The Land That Time Forgot
The Coming Race
The Adventures of Saturnin Farandoul
A Traveller from Altruria
The Cave Girl
The City of the Sun
Gulliver's Travels
The Travels and Adventures of William Bingfield
History of Sevarambes
John Mandeville
Gargantua and Pantagruel
The Birds of Paradise
New Atlantis
The Swiss Family Robinson
The Mucker
The Commonwealth of Oceana
The Horse Stealers
The Immortal
L'Ile au sable vert
Le Masque de fer
The Mystery of the Black Jungle
The Princess of Babylon
The Mysterious Valley
Die andere Seite
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The Mikado
Orlando Innamorato
Journey to the West
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Invisible Cities
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The History of the Seven Families of the Lake Pipple-poppe
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The Golden Cockerel
The Master and Margarita
The History of a Town
Yawning Heights
The Rose and the Ring
The Tartar Steppe
Alastor, or The Spirit of Solitude
The Curious Republic of Gondour
G.A. úr X.-ben
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1930 - The New Traveller's Almanac: Chapter Six: The Polar Regions League of Extraordinary Gentlemen II #6, Febuary 2003 La Découverte australe
The Blazing World
The Monikins
The French Adventurer
The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket
Cthulhu Mythos
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
The Good Soldier Švejk
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The People of the Pole
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Ice
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The Water Babies

  • 2015 - Given the similar advanced technology and prevalence of Asian culture in both Blade Runner and the alternate 2015 of Back to the Future 2, it's possible that they could be part of the same timeline.
  • 2026 - The events of Doom.


Story Publication Crossovers
2036 - Solider 1998 film Blade Runner
Escape from New York
Dexter Riley
Star Trek
Tango & Cash
Captain Ron
Event Horizon
The Thing from Another World
Executive Decision
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
Star Wars
  • The film is a "side-quel" to Blade Runner. An implication in the film is that the genetically-engineered soldiers meant to replace Todd and his fellow soldiers are in fact replicants.
  • Among the garbage on Arcadia 234 is a spinner (Blade Runner), the F-117X Remora (Executive Decision), and a piece of the Lewis & Clark (Event Horizon).
  • Todd 's service record displayed on a computer screen includes the battles of Tannhauser Gate and the Shoulder of Orion (Blade Runner), receipts of the "Plissken Patch" (Escape from New York), the "O'Neil Ring Award" (Stargate), the "Cash Medal of Honor" (Tango & Cash) the "MacReady Cross" (The Thing), the "Capt. Ron Trophy" (Captain Ron), the "McCaffrey Fire Award" (Backdraft), the "Dexter Riley Award", citations for the Nibian Moons Campaign, the Antares Maelstrom War, and the War Of Perdition's Flames (Star Trek).
  • Todd's weapons training record lists the "USMC Smartgun" and "M41A pulse rifle" (Aliens) and the "DOOM MKIV BFG" (Doom).
  • When the data for the Trinity Moons is shown on screen in the closing scene, the right side of the data readout display shows Eminiar 7 (Star Trek), Planet 10 (Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension), Slartibartfast (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy), the Anoat System and Kessel Binary (likely named after Star Wars). The coordinates "ZZ9.Plurl.ZA" comes up in Zaphod mode.


  • 2047 - The events of Event Horizon.
  • 2049 - The events of Blade Runner 2049.


Story Publication Crossovers
2089-2093 - Prometheus 2012 film Blade Runner
  • Several Spinners are seen and Eldon Tyrell is mentioned as Peter Weyland's mentor in the DVD bonus features.


  • 2121-2122 - The events of Alien.

Judge Dredd vs. AliensEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
2125 - Judge Dredd vs. Aliens Judge Dredd vs. Aliens #1-4, July 2016-June 2017 Judge Dredd

Aliens vs. Predator vs. TerminatorEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
c. 2380s - Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator #1-4, 2000 Alien
  • Skynet's uprising is shown to have occurred sometime in Earth's past, explaining the ruins of Paris at the end of the director's cut of Alien Resurrection.


Story Publication Crossovers
2517 - Firefly 2002 TV series Starship Troopers
Star Wars
The Lord of the Rings
Star Trek
  • The Alliance armor is from Starship Troopers.
  • The Starlight Intruder from the Star Wars: Dark Empire is seen landing in the background of Persephone in Shindig.
  • In Shindig, a huge gold ring with elvish script can be seen in the center of the chandelier.
  • The docking bay in Niska's space station in "War Stories" has a Talaxian cargo ship, Steth's vessel, and Kes' ship.
  • The gun that Mal is seen manning in the opening flashback of Serenity sports the very distinctive Weyland-Yutani logo at the top of its display.


  • 2659 - The events of Starship Troopers.

My Take on the CU Future EventsEdit

While these sources appear to be conflicting accounts of what the future of the CU holds, I think there might be enough room to wriggle in some (if not most) of the other future accounts into the official narrative. I mean, at the time I'm writing this, we're already on the cusp of the 2020s and it's already looking nothing like how Star Trek described it. So rather than forcing everything to adhere to the real world, why not let the CU take its own course in history?

Pre-Space TravelEdit

In the Star Trek: Voyager episode Future’s End it is shown that Henry Starling has had access to 29th-century technology from as far back as the 1960s, which he has been using to push Earth’s software and hardware knowledge far in advance of where such knowledge should be. This, more than any other aspect of Star Trek‘s timeline, is the crucial point at which we ought to separate from our own history – the “real” history of Earth.

It is with his mangled understanding of 29th-century technology which allows both the creation of the experimental security drones employed at the Park Plaza Mall in the early/mid-80s, the T-1 and – eventually – the technology necessary for the integration of mechanical elements into Officer Murphy.

Granted, these were not the only examples of advanced, self-aware robotic technology existing in the CU. You have Dr. Coppelius' gynoid Olyipia, the artificial synthetic lifeforms engineered by Rossom’s Universal Robots Inc., and the android replicants created by fed-up husbands in Stepford who sought to replace housewives. The most famous of which was a creation of Nickola Tesla, known to many as “Atomic Robo”. Most of these Pre-Cold War robots were either wind-up automatons or nuclear powered, as advanced power cells had not been completely understood.

While many of the elements of the future technology were able to be reverse-engineered by in-house scientists, some of the advancements were so esoteric as to preclude the direct understanding of the way they operated. Hill Valley resident scientist and inventor, Dr. Emmet Brown, would wind up creating the flux capacitor - one of the key components to the warp drive engine - for his time machine and, following a series of hectic time-traveling shenanigans, would later found the Institute of Future Technology. A significant amount of research into matter transportation was developed by François Delambre during the Cold War. His interpretation of the technology would result in his untimely death and his research would not be continued until Dr. Emory Erickson perfected the means by which to transport living tissue.

By the 1990s, with advances far outstripping "real" history, the US government requests Starling’s Chronowerx Industries assistance in coming up with solutions to some of the problems it is facing after seeing the valuable technological advancements being made. In 1992, HAL 9000, Production Unit 3, Artificial Intelligence Computer System becomes operational at HAL Communications plant in Urbana, Illinois. Meantime, following the plans laid out by the government supercomputer Colossus for a larger computer complex, Cyberdyne Systems develops another AI to interpret massive data input now being collected by the military branches of the US intelligence community, leading to the creation of a satellite defense program dubbed 'Skynet', which is one of the primary reasons for future problems.

While no longer as intense as it was back during the Cold War, the space race between the US and Russia continues with the ever-increasing development of space colonization. In the mid-'90s, the first United States Lunar Base, Clavius Base, is successfully constructed by the U.S. Astronomical Engineering Corp and the Discovery 1 exploration spacecraft begins construction in utmost secrecy. But shortly following the first day of the third millennium, a magnetic disturbance on the lunar surface leads to Lunar Orbiter 10 uncovering a prehistoric alien artifact near the crater Tycho known as “Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1”. Meantime, experiments in secure space travel and habitability are carried out at the prestigious Gizmonic Institute. However, safety concerns were raised when a group of sadistic scientists shanghaied an unsuspecting janitor aboard their experimental spacecraft, the Satellite of Love, in an effort to examine the claustrophobic conditions of spaceflight.

However, it is around in the 1990s where we find things take a turn for the worse. Spurred on by the existence of beings living on other planets, more of the future technology is plundered to create the ground-work which will lead to the genetically-engineered Khan and his followers. This is also around the time that things start to go seriously wrong with society. The slip into anarchy begins with a few minor problems, soon lead to rampant anarchy in the streets as people release the tension created by the existence of genetically superior individuals being created. It is from these dark days that the Eugenics War erupts into a full-blown war.

The Fallout From The Eugenics WarsEdit

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 winds up creating massive civil unrest across the world. The Deep Space Nine episode Past Tense shows what has happened in the US by the 2020s, with large sections of cities cordoned off to provide housing for ‘undesirables’. Some cities, such as Detroit, prefer to deal with their social unrest by handing over their policing to corporations, which results in the creation of the RoboCop program. Due to the rise of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and unchecked urban growth, life begins perishing and the plankton population drops, propping popular food companies to use human remains as resources to feed consumers. Other locations fall into complete unrest as “entertainment” such as The Running Man, Rollerball and other shows allow the population to be kept entertained and (largely) kept under control.

It is also around this time that the full horror of what Skynet has become is made clear. By 2026, WWIII Breaks Out Between the US/UK and ECON, likely triggered by Skynet unleashing its nuclear arsenal. Taking refuge in the stars was not the sole preserve of the genetically engineered super-soldiers, as others decided to abandon Earth. A devastated New York city is later rebuilt under the new name 'Metropia'. However, this would only mark the beginning of the horrors that were to come.

The presence of Starfleet's Time Police and/or Temporal Investigations seems to suggest that they began as a much simpler organization. It makes a sort of sense that the events of Timecop in could be the shaky beginnings from which the Federation would spin out its’ time protection force.

Zefram Cochrane’s warp flight in 2063 brings the attention of the Vulcans. And with the assistance of Vulcan technology, the rise of Skynet's machines is prevented. From this point on, all research into advanced robots is banned in an international treaty. This results in the secret creation of the synthetics, or artificial people - which later developed into the Soong-type Androids.

But even after their contact with the Vulcans and their victory against the machines, the Earth is still suffering from the nuclear aftermath of WWIII. By 2079, most of the Eastern United States are part of a large territory known as Mega-City One. To combat the increasing crime wave, the authoritarian Justice Department employees militaristic enforcers called Judges to carry out litigation.[1] Meanwhile, in Asia, fortified cities like Neo Seoul are constructed to protect recovering humanity from nuclear fallout. In Britain, the wealthy descendants of Graham's inheritors, calling themselves the White Council, use their money to buy the industries and political entities to establish a vast economic world order, establishing a plutocracy and sweeping away parliament and the monarchy. But their attempts were thwarted when the comatose Graham reawoke in 2100 and aided the abused working class in fending off the White Council's incursion.

By 2100, after several previous manned missions to Mars, humanity finally begins to colonize the red planet. But even with the invention of Zefram's warp drive, humanity still employs Sleeper (hibernation) Ships to make long-distance space travel seemingly quick. The technology would not become obsolete until around 2118. [2] As Picard points out in the TNG episode The Neutral Zone, cryogenic stasis had long since been abandoned in the 23-24th Centuries, but it had been employed routinely in the early days of interstellar travel. While practical, many catastrophes resulted from the use of Sleeper technology. The ill-fated Discovery 1's expedition to Saturn in 2001 resulted in HAL 9000’s malfunction and the death of four crew members. Later analysis by NCA “Project Jupiter” Review Board showed that the decision by the Chairman of the National Council of Astronautics (NCA) to keep the mission a secret from the primary crew was what caused the programming conflict within HAL due to the computer’s basic programming that did not allow it to lie or mislead. In 2122, one of the Wayland Industries mining vessels was operating in deep space when it encountered an alien life form which killed the entire crew save for its’ Warrant Officer, Ripley. These disasters among others resulted in the abandonment of cryogenic chambers in favor of tighter controls being made to the design of astronavigation systems.

Post-United FederationEdit

But as is often the case with empires that last for too long, the Unified Earth government eventually starts to feel the weight of maintaining control over the populous of the planet. By the 2400s, the government began a drastic reformation by forcibly impose their new ideologies on Earth's populations, forcing citizens to meet certain quotas of consumerism to stimulate the economy. When met with opposition, the governments responded with violence and massacres of dissenters. When that didn't work, they began a peaceful campaign of change. This campaign included the closing of museums, the suppression of almost all literature published before 2058 AD, and the destruction of the few historical world monuments that had survived the Nine Years' War. By 2540, the World State is fully established and almost all the people of Earth are citizens.

By the year 2688, society became a peaceful utopian society based around the 700 old songs of Wyld Stallyns’ Bill Creston and Theodore Logan, who the masters sent the Time Lord ‘Rufus’ to guard and protect. But like all periods of peace, this gave rise to many conflicts and attempts at breaking down the pillars of this new utopian society. One of the more infamous agents of the rival party was Chuck De Nomolos, who stole one of the time-traveling phone booths in an effort to assassinate the Wyld Stallyns and replace them with synthetic androids.

Despite mankind’s slow recovery following the conflict, humanity’s populations on other planets and colonies fare much better. In 2762, the Galactic Patrol (established by mankind’s distant ancestors, the Arisians) began recruiting Lensmen; the first title of which is given to the fine-bred Virgil Samms of Earth, which by that point was now recognized as ’Tellus’. This effort could be seen by some as a replacement for the earlier Green Lantern Corp.

Lensman - 2801-2900

By the year 3000, humanity has become complacent, and many worlds have left the Federation because of its Human-centric nature. The Ferengi become the dominant power in the galaxy and make money by spreading the Bajoran religion and making Bajor into a major place of pilgrimage. The Vulcans reunify with the Romulans, the Cardassian and Klingon societies have evolved into more mystical and less warlike cultures, though the Klingon Empire is expanding once more (but on good terms with the Federation). Starfleet is stretched thin and many of its ships are outdated. A new enemy called the Scourge attack and destroy the USS Sojourner and two colony worlds. The only survivor is Lieutenant Commander Alexander Kirk. The authorities refuse to believe his story, a state of affairs that causes Vulcan, Bajor, and Betazed to leave in disgust at the corruption of the UFP, leaving it with only twenty systems under its control.[3] The Scourge eventually wind their way to Earth by 3069 and unleash a series of devastating attacks that wind up terraforming the Earth into an ocean planet. Simon Wagstaff is one of the few survivors to flee off-world when he happens upon an abandoned Chinese spaceship, the Hwang Ho.

The Chronic Argonauts - 4003

Around 5000 AD, the Breach opens up in the Pacific Ocean, tearing a portal to the Anteverse, the homeworld of the Precursors, and the Kaiju.[4] After eons of slumber, Cthulhu finally awakens and establishes his reign of madness with the Deep Ones attacking the human population. In response, the Tsan-Chan Empire Dominates the Earth.

Simon Wagstaff manages to live on to this year.-6203
Ladislaus the Great Founds the Empire of Ten Thousand Worlds - 8278
Humanity is Enslaved by Thinking Machines - 11713-12397
Jehanne Butler Starts the Butlerian Jihad - 13106
The Dark Conquerors hold dominion over the Earth. - 16000
Dune - 23374-23390
Barbarella - 40000
The Time Machine (Morlock/Eloi) - 802701
The Wind Whales of Ishmael (future) - 2000000
Red Dwarf (present) - c. 3002100s
Zothique is the Last Remaining Continent on Earth and Home to the Dying Remnants of Humanity - 8000000
Dying Earth - 20000000[5]
The Night Land (future) - c. 20000000s
The Time Machine (giant crabs) - 30002701
The Beetle-like Successors of Humanity rule Earth - 50000000
The estimated time of the End of the Universe - c. 70000000000000


  1. Judge Doom has fought both Xenomorphs and Yautja as well as a time-displaced Batman, providing a strong linkage to the CU.
  2. Star Trek originally had the date set at 2018, but I highly doubt that is an accurate time placement since humanity had no need of Sleeper Ships before spacetravel became commonplace by that point.
  3. This narrative was the plotline for the unproduced series Star Trek: Federation, which I decided to include since it provides a hint of what might've become of the Federation in the distant future.
  4. The Ogdru Jahad's crystal prison is seen the Anteverse in Pacific Rim. Godzilla is implied in the film to have originated from the Breach.
  5. The estimated date is recorded at 20000000000, but this placement seems unlikely, so it's most likely a miscalculation.

Potential crossoversEdit

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10,000 BC - 2019? - Battle for the Serpent Crown Conan: Battle For the Serpent Crown #1-2, April-May 2020 Conan the Barbarian

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1960s - Archie Meets Flash Gordon Archie Meets Flash Gordon #1, June 2020 Archie Andrews
Flash Gordon

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