Flash Gordon is a comic strip created by Alex Raymond. It began in 1934 and ended in 2003.

The planet Mongo exists in a parallel dimension, but the protagonists originate from the Crossover Universe.

Crossover chronologyEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
500 - St. George 2011-2012 comic strip see Prince Valiant
1933 - Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov Crash in Rocket 1934 radio episode Jungle Jim
1940 - The Awful Orloffs: The Story of a Family [Chapter 6: Pain, Then Nothing] Archive of Our Own, 2018 see The Black Raven
1942 - Baytekin Ile Tarzan Karsi Karsiya Resimli, Heyecanli, Merakli, Macera Romanlari Serisi #11, 1943 see Tarzan
1964 - Alphaville: une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution[1] 1965 film see Alphaville
1977 - China Seas Master of Kung Fu #67, August 1978 see Shang-Chi

Additional crossovers chronologyEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1994 - Invasion of the Cat-People[2] 1995 novels see Doctor Who
2009 - The Beast[3] Glimmerglass: The Creative Writer's Annual Volume #1, October 2009 see King Kong
2374 - Inferno[4] Millennium #3, 2000 novel see Star Trek


  1. Flash, under his French pseudonym 'Guy l'Éclair', was sent to Alphaville prior to the events of the film but disappeared (he presumably resurfaced soon afterwards).
  2. The Lion-Men of Mongo are revealed to be an off-shoot race of the Cat-People.
  3. The invasion of Mongo was one of several major government coverups back in the early 20th century.
  4. Vic Fontaine equates Quark's bar and grill to something that Ming would have liked.
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