Agnes de Chastillon is a character created by Robert E. Howard. She first appeared in the short story Sword Woman, first published in the Summer 1975 issue of REH: Lone Star Fictioneer #2.

Crossover chronologyEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
1898 - Kingdom of the Blind Sisters of the Shadows: The Cagliostro Curse, 2013 see Diana Marburg
1931 - Ex Calce Liberatus Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 2: Gentlemen of the Night, 2006 see Arsène Lupin

Additional crossovers chronologyEdit

Story Publication Crossovers
c. 10,000 BC - 1936 - Conan: Serpent War Conan: Serpent War #1-4, 2019 see Conan the Barbarian
1642 - Beneath the Mount of Divination Tales of the Shadowmen, Volume 14: Coup de Grace, 2017 see The Three Musketeers
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